Learn how to effectively work in a remote team

Learn how to effectively work in a remote team

It’s a kind of magic: Working effectively in remote teams

Our work situation has shifted in recent years. More and more of us are working in teams that are distributed across different locations, countries and sometimes even continents. It is not enough to learn to use online tools to communicate and collaborate with our team mates. Our teams now work across geographies, time zones, organizational boundaries, and disciplinary and cultural gaps.

Finding agreements, giving feedback, or simply discussing some work challenge, which used to be about the contents, can now become really complicated discussions ending in misunderstandings or even conflict. This new situation requires us to unlearn habits that had once served us well and adopt new cooperation processes.

Our interactive webinar series will look at different challenges of remote teams and each webinar gives concrete tips how to improve collaboration, engagement and performance within your team. The webinars are free and each will have space for only 30 participants.

Topics include intercultural communication, virtual presentations, trust, conflicts, and many more.

Check out out webinar page to find out about the next webinar: http://webinars.radical-inclusion.com.